Crystal Healing Therapist Level IV: Integrative Crystal Therapy & Transcendent Business Practices

A comprehensive and practical overview of current crystal healing techniques and applications. Learn how to use evidence-based methods including color therapy, polarity therapy, grids, hypnosis, guided meditation and other crystal healing techniques to bring healing to illness and disease and as preventative treatments. This course provides an in depth opportunity to practice Crystal Healing methods with others and on yourself. Receive a structural outline of how to integrate Crystal Healing into an existing practice or career path and guidance for how to communicate about crystals in mainstream environments.

Module 1
Learn how to use the evidence-based method of color therapy to bring healing to imbalances in the body, mind and energy field. The easiest way to classify and understand the healing properties of crystals is through color. The color of the crystal directly influences it’s healing properties.  Understand how color influences the structural and energetic properties of the healing crystals we will be working with.

Module 2
An introduction to advanced crystal grid work.  Explore the metaphysical and scientific theories and research that support crystal grids and their purpose in bringing balance to our bodies, minds and spirits.  Receive layouts for 25 custom grids and instructions for creating your own unique healing grids, all downloadable, so that you can access at your convenience as you move through the program.

Module 3
Learn how to use gem elixirs, essential oils and plant medicine to with the seven major chakras to bring physical, mental and emotional healing.  Work in meditation with gem elixirs and each chakra to deepen your awareness of energetic meridians.

Module 4
An introduction to using hypnosis and guided meditation with crystal healing techniques as preventative treatments and to bring healing to illness and disease. Learn about the methods and processes of the field of hypnotherapy and how they can be adapted and applied to crystal healing.

Module 5
Receive step-by-step training in how to create your own crystal healing treatments utilizing advanced chakra healing methods and techniques, hypnosis, guided meditation and mantra.  An in depth opportunity to practice, observe and document crystal healing treatments with others and on yourself.

Module 6
Through the wisdom of indigenous shamans and healers, learn how to create sacred space for all of your healing treatments. Understand how to create an use altars and crystals in conjunction with other sacred objects. Learn practices for using and teaching about crystals in groups and individually.

Module 7
Receive a structural outline of how to integrate crystal healing into an existing practice or career path and guidance for how to communicate about crystals in mainstream environments. Create a Professional Development Plan integrating your existing career goals with your vision for how you will integrate your crystal healing certification. An introduction to transcendent business practices including planning and organization of a private practice, consulting or freelance career, accounting, recordkeeping, marketing, telemedicine, systems management, health and safety, equality and confidentiality and planning for healing crises.

Module 8
Learn about effective systems to manage pre and post therapeutic care. An introduction to how to create and manifest your personal and professional goals using crystal grids to bring optimal physical, mental and emotional health.  Learn how to use manifestation grids to work with all areas of your life in meditation and with each chakra.