Our Crystal Healing Therapist Certification is designed to provide students with a comprehensive set of blueprints to develop research and to begin or expand a healing practice through the study and mastery of evidence-based crystal healing methods.

The Crystal Healing Therapist Certification Program is designed for:

Healthcare professionals or alternative healthcare practitioners such as massage therapists, energy healing practitioners and nurses. This training can also prepare teachers, researchers and counselors who are ready to take their career in a new direction.

If you are not a professional or practitioner, but you are seeking to begin your career, this program is an excellent place to start. With drive, dedication and focus this program can assist anyone who is passionate about crystal healing to begin or deepen their practice. This program has no prerequisites.

Upon graduation as a Crystal Healing Therapist you receive:

Certification as a Crystal Healing Therapist from Indigo International
Registration as a practitioner with the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)
Membership with Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
Registration in the Indigo Healing Directory

Accreditation and ongoing support to facilitate your own Crystal Healing Therapist Certification Trainings (Levels I, II & III) anywhere in the world.

Upon completion of the Crystal Healing Therapist Certification Program you will have lifetime access to our virtual learning portals and also receive a hard copy of the following print resources:

Crystal Healing Therapist Student Workbook (Levels I-IV)
Crystal Healing Therapist Teacher Workbook (Level V)
Transcendent Business Practices (Level IV)
Crystalline Lightbody DNA Activation & Attunement Guidebook



“Professional training in Crystal Healing will bring depth to any healing practice. The wisdom that working with crystals has brought to my own practice has been unparalleled. I could have never imagined how over time crystals would provide me with so much healing and insight both personally and professionally. There are many crystal healing training programs that teach both the healing properties of the crystals and specific healing methods. This course is unique because it goes beyond learning the facts; it is designed to support you in mastery so you can feel confident integrating what you have learned into your work in the world. 

It is also unique because we are committed together supporting you to research and publish your work in crystal healing. We are creating a bridge to help practitioners all over the world work together with organizations like the National Institute of Health (NIH) and with scientific journals to bring an awareness of crystal healing into the mainstream. Our programs also support you in helping you to strengthen your intuition and allow it to lead in your healing work. You are here not just to learn about the crystals and how to work with them, but to teach you to listen more deeply to them, for it is they that are the greatest teachers!”

Aimee Rebekah Shea, M.A., CHT