Welcome to the portal V! This week we take time to pause and open to the guidance of our Master Spiritual Guides. This is done through a guided hypnotic energy healing & meditative visualization. Your Master Spiritual Guide works with all of your other spiritual guides, archangels, angels, and ascended masters. Your Guide communicates with you whether you know it or not. This healing journey is an experience to deepen your alignment with your Master Spiritual Guide. This is a sacred energy healing process. 

This Master Spiritual Guide Journey is a deeply healing experience. This hypnotic energy healing experience leads you with sound and intentional words, to meet and align with the energetic essence of your Master Spiritual Guide. On this healing journey, you will connect energetically with several divine guides.

The journey is guided by Archangel Uriel in the music of AngelEarth. AngelEarth puts together guided music while in meditative space with archangels, goddesses and other beings of light. The music in this healing journey was inspired by Archangel Uriel. Although we do not meet Archangel Uriel on our journey, Uriel’s loving presence holds us in a highly vibrating healing space  Uriel in Hebrew means, God is my light.

We begin our journey and are welcomed into the light by Archangel Michael. You are also guided by a white Unicorn. The Unicorn brings purity, innocence and enchantment. The Unicorn gives magic, miracles and wisdom to those who are pure of heart and virtuous in their deeds. Unicorns are highly spiritual beings who assist us in transitioning through all dimensions of matter and spirit.

Finally, you meet your Master Spiritual Guide. Together we travel into a City of Light and you attune to high vibrational frequencies of light. You will leave this journey with a gift from your guide. It is a magical journey.

You do not have to schedule an attunement for this journey. Your Master Spiritual Guide is omnipresent and available at all times of day and night eternally. It only takes your intention to connect to your Master Spiritual Guide and participation for this sacred healing process to take place.

In this portal there are six objectives:

1. Set your intention for healing in your intuitive journal

2. Set aside a time in your sacred healing space to experience the healing journey to meet your Master Spiritual Guide. After your experience, while still in your sacred healing space, take out your journal and write down what you remember from the experience about your guide and the gifts you were given 🙂 I also welcome you to share that experience if you feel so guided inside of our Sacred Discussion Group

3. In Interior Castle, read the first Mansions, Chapters 1, 2 & 3. After you read, watch the reading discussions

4. Follow your healing calendar and use the audio above for your daily meditation practice

5. Join the discussion, and share your experience with the Master Spiritual Guide healing experience

6. Complete your reflection