Gaia is the living consciousness of the earth, the soul of our planet. Gaia is aware of herself and her purpose, she is an integral part of the experience of life on earth. ‘GAIA’ was originally the name attributed to the Greek ‘Earth Goddess’ or ‘Mother Earth’. It is a name that recognizes the Earth as being a living, breathing, conscious entity in her own right.

The Crystalline Grid is a term used to describe the electromagnetic field of Mother Earth. High vibrational energetic frequencies are now grounding into the energetic blueprint of the earth. These frequencies are being held in place by great portals of light at certain places on the earth’s surface. These great portals of light are collecting negative particles of energy and transmuting them into higher frequencies. The crystalline grid is Gaias energy manifest into electromagnetic form.

In this guided Neo-Shamanic Journey, you will meet the Spirit of Gaia and your Guardian Angel. You will receive messages from elemental earth energies that will allow you to merge with the frequencies of transcendent love and light and bring them into your own body in order to assist humanity in it’s ascension into the Golden Age of Aquarius.

There are 5 objectives in this portal:

1. Schedule 10-90 minutes daily to dedicate to the healing experiences outlined on the DNA Activation & Attunement healing calendar

2. In your Intuitive Journal, create a new page and label it Portal VII: Consciousness of Gaia. After you listen to the Miracle Manifestation Meditation, sit with your journal

Ask yourself the question:

What do I need the most right now?

Write down the first thing that comes to mind. By setting the intention you connect to the field of energy that already holds the answer to your deepest problem. 

Keep your intuitive journal by your side as you move through the healing experiences this week. Mindfully practice scheduling at least 5 minutes to sit with your intuitive journal after your meditation and healing is complete. Take a writing instrument that inspires you and write words or draw images that emerge from your healing.

3. Listen to the Introduction and Consciousness of Gaia Guided Neo-Shamanic Journey. Take time after the full healing experience to record what you felt and any intuitive experiences you had in your healing journal

4. Participate in the Discussion about the Consciousness of Gaia

5. After you have spent 7 days relaxing your body and mind and allowing the healing energy of the attunement to wash over you, please complete the reflection form. Complete your reflection!