Welcome into your journey of Crystal Healing Mastery…

Portal Practice

The word portal describes a magical doorway that connects two planes of existence. The portals are designed to do just that. As you enter each one, become conscious that you are preparing to access another dimension of consciousness. The portals build upon one another. Each portal is your gateway into healing.

The word pillar describes something that reliably provides essential support.

This entire course sits within a portal, and within this course portal are five pillars; Indigenous Crystal Healing, Geophysical & Metaphysical Properties, Human Physiology, Integrative Crystal Therapy I and Integrative Crystal Therapy II. Each pillar provides you with a foundational step in your journey. The pillars are meant to be experienced once in order and then intermixed and used as needed in your daily healing practice. Each pillar will provide a system of support for you in the various cycles of your journey as a Crystal Healing Therapist. Inside each pillar are ten more portals.

Before your enter each portal…
Move into a healing environment, this can be the most peaceful corner of your house, or a nook outside in nature’s embrace. Take three deep breaths and slowly, breath deep into your lower abdomen. As you exhale, notice tension leaving your body and mind.

Honor your altar. Altar creation is described inside the first portal. Once you have set this up, light your candle, say your prayer and honor the items in your altar as companions as you move through your healing. Every time you enter this sacred space know you are surrounded by the loving embrace of the universe, supported in realizing your truth as already healed, whole and full of love and light.