Welcome into your journey of Crystal Healing Mastery…


In addition to learning about crystal healing the journey that this course takes you through is one in which you are remembering your true nature as a Master Being of Love and Light. That is why this space is so sacred. You may see your teacher or other students referring to each other as Master Beings of Love and Light. Please know that this is intentional.

Take a deep breath before you enter the sacred discussion space and connect to the place within you of the deepest love you have known in your experience of life as a human being. We are practicing inhabiting this space together as Master Beings of Love and Light. It is safe, and judgement free. Everything that you share will be showered with the greatest love and light. The intention has been anchored that this space serve the unfolding of the highest selves of each of us. Together, we are practicing through our words opening to love and light, and sharing from that space 🙂

Please read our Code of Ethics, and our guidelines for high vibrational communication and this will align you with the basic habits of mind and ways of being we seek to cultivate as a community.