Welcome into your journey of Crystal Healing Mastery…

Welcome to the Crystal Healing Therapist Certification Course!

The 40 week journey that you are about to embark on is a process of stepping into your truth as a being of light and a journey deep into your relationship with crystal healing. The course includes 5 Masterclass Series, one for each pillar, and a transformative healing experience connecting with the Crystalline Grid and your crystalline core through a series of 10 DNA Activations & Attunements. This portal is just the learning and healing portal. Once you have completed the first 40 weeks of this course, you will move into the second part of the course inside the Transcendent Business Practicum Portal, there you will work towards bringing your visions for working with the crystals into reality.

You should expect to spend approximately 2-4 hours inside of each portal. You can move through the portals at your own pace, allow your intuition to guide you through the experiences inside each portal. This course also requires that you create time every day for a meditation and energy healing practice; anywhere from 10 – 60 minutes.

Created within an orb of golden white light, all time spent here is sacred. As we work together on the sacred task of weaving the foundation of our new earth in the very threads of our conscious and unconscious minds and deep within the cells of our bodies.

This is a sacred process, not linear, but moving like a spiral deep within your past, present and future; this program assists you in releasing all that is no longer serving your highest self and remembering the innocence and truth that lie at the center of all of existence.

Here are some tips to help you succeed:

1. Get a binder and journal that you devote to this course. Go to the Rachel K. Cardoza Research Library. Download and print the Miracle Manifestation Mastermind Planner and put that in your binder. Listen to the meditation inside of the Miracle Manifestation Mastermind portal and watch all 6 of the videos that explain the daily planning & manifestation process that is integrated with this course

2. Schedule your monthly Student Success meetings ahead of time and ask questions. We are here to hold your hand through this process. Our monthly Student Success meetings are critical to your success as a student. You are not alone. We are here six days a week to help you. Click the purple Student Support button in the lower left hand corner of the site. We are there Monday – Saturday from 10 am. – 9 pm. EST.

3. Commit to a daily meditation & energy healing practice. The greatest benefits come with regular practice over time. Your energy field is just like your physical body. You strengthen your energy field like a muscle with repetition over time. It gets easier, and the healing comes in waves, so be patient with yourself, trust the process and practice daily.

4. Complete the reflection in each portal and share your honest feedback. We read every word you write, and this entire course experience is constantly being adapted to serve you in the best way possible. The more you can share, the better!

When you commit to awaken the love and light within every single cell of your body, the level of clarity and health that you will achieve is life changing. No matter what stage of healing or ascension you are at, these practices meet you where you are and lovingly guide you to go deeper into awareness of your true nature as a Master Being of Love and Light.

I am SO grateful you have joined me on this journey, my own journey creating these portals and recording the activations and attunements has been transformational, and I pray that it will bring the same healing energy into your life! May the peace of your essential nature become you and move through you as you move in service to love and light in your world ♡

with blessings of the remembrance of our eternal nature as beings of love, light and transcendent wellbeing,

Namasté, Aimee Rebekah Shea