Our Crystal Healing Therapist Certification is designed to provide students with a comprehensive set of blueprints to develop research and to begin or expand a healing practice through the study and mastery of evidence-based crystal healing methods.

The Crystal Healing Therapist Certification Program is designed for:

Healthcare professionals or alternative healthcare practitioners such as massage therapists, energy healing practitioners and nurses. This training can also prepare teachers, researchers and counselors who are ready to take their career in a new direction.

If you are not a professional or practitioner, but you are seeking to begin your career, this program is an excellent place to start. 

Upon graduation as a Crystal Healing Therapist you receive:

Certification as a Crystal Healing Therapist from Pleiadian Institute
Registration as a practitioner with the Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations (ACHO)
Membership with Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
Registration in the Indigo Healing Directory

Upon completion of the Crystal Healing Therapist Certification Program you will have lifetime access to our virtual learning portals, RKC Research Library, Indigo Meditation Library & YLAB and also receive a copies of numerous print resources to support the building of your practice including:

Crystal Healing Therapist Student Workbook
Crystal Healing Therapist Teacher Workbook
Transcendent Business Practicum Fieldwork Guide
Chakra Healing for Transcendent Health Ebook



“Professional training in Crystal Healing will bring depth to any healing practice. This program teaches the history of crystal healing, the healing properties of crystals, geophysical & metaphysical properties all 300+ crystals that exist on Earth, human physiology and Integrative Crystal Therapy, a blend of specific crystal healing practices and holistic healing methods.

But the information you learn is only 30% of your experience. The other 70% is the healing treatments you will participate in yourself and your practicum experience. Specifically, you are led through a 40-week lightbody activation process, designed to support you in energetic mastery and to support your communication with and connection to the subtle energy field of the crystals. You are then placed in a professional healing setting to witness and participate in implementing a crystal healing practice in a real world setting.

This program focuses on fine-tuning your own energetic frequency and provides support to help you to strengthen your intuition in the healing work we do. You are here not just to learn about the crystals and how to work with them, but to awaken your lightbody and learn to listen more deeply, and to work with others in the discovery and implementation of research in our field. This is very much a learn by ‘being with the healing’ experience. It is there that in that deep space of listening with our crystals that we find the highest vibrational answers.

This program for me is about commitment to my craft and professional community. I am committed to excellence in my practice and there is nothing better than working with others who are committed to the same!”

Aimee Rebekah Shea, M.A., CHT

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